The bar «The Old Man»

Our team applied international experience to develop a unique strategy for promoting an Instagram account from China for an unusual and non-traditional cocktail bar. We created a creative concept reflecting the brand’s uniqueness and innovation, packaging its story and visual image into engaging content. This project became a vivid example of successful culture and strategy…

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«Aura Secret» Lingerie

Upon beginning the operation and promotion, we identified the target audience, developed a content plan, and conducted a content shoot. It was important for this lingerie and homewear account project to attract new customers. When creating the visual concept, it was crucial to showcase the range of products and present the outfits in such a…

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Rent «Bereza Park»

In this project, we started from scratch to create an account and package it to attract applications and demand for house rentals. We designed a logo using the brand’s color and font, selecting design elements associated with nature and ecology, as the house is located in a birch forest far from the hustle and bustle…

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Auto Complex «Parnas»

We approached the tire service project with maximum creativity and novelty. We developed a stylish design, aiming to associate it directly with this particular service. In the visual aspects of the posts, we highlighted the uniqueness of this auto complex. The ‘highlights’ were executed in the style of wheels and various repair details, while maintaining…

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«Arendadomik» Service

In developing the visual concept, it was important for us to show the entire broad selection of cottages, as there are more than 100 of them. It was crucial to portray how comfortably people could relax in the houses on a daily basis and spend their time there. Through visuals, we showcased all the advantages…

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Dance Studio «QDance»

We designed the visuals of the stories with the account’s styling in mind, preserving the font and brand color of the studio. We conveyed as much atmosphere as possible with minimal text. We created visuals of the stories, adhering to the account’s style, preserving the font and color of the studio’s brand. We depicted as…

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«Laser New Sochi» Salon

In developing the visual concept, we carried out photo and video shooting. It was important for us to showcase the apparatus used for laser hair removal, to explain its advantages compared to competitors in the city, and to detail the products used for cosmetology procedures. In crafting the Instagram stories, we applied animated transitions, “old…

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“Off Street” Streetwear

The development of the visual concept reveals the style and approximate assortment of the store. We’ve made an effort to convey the entire atmosphere and mood of fashionable clothing, making it easier and more comfortable for customers to understand the concept and make purchases.

Rental «Pokrovka House»

In developing the visual concept, we highlighted all the advantages of the house, its main features, amenities, and comfort. We developed special design solutions that allowed us to highlight the most popular information within one click and quick access. We created a designer QR code that allowed instant transition to the project’s Instagram and proved…

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Food Delivery “ZBar”

In the development of the visual concept, we linked speed and tasty food so that hungry customers could quickly place an order and enjoy the result. We developed a menu design for display on the website and in the format of stories. All design products were developed taking into account the wide variety of the…

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