«Arendadomik» Service

In developing the visual concept, it was important for us to show the entire broad selection of cottages, as there are more than 100 of them. It was crucial to portray how comfortably people could relax in the houses on a daily basis and spend their time there.

Through visuals, we showcased all the advantages and conveniences of the cottages.

For the rental of cottages, it was important to address the questions that most often come to Direct. We developed a memo so that the audience would not fall prey to fraudsters, as such issues are common in these matters.

We designed ‘highlights’ to store information for quick access. The ‘highlights’ were developed for all the possible topics of interest when renting a cottage. This also allows the new audience to learn more about all the houses.

In creating stories, we used a limited number of fonts and the brand color, so that this styling was associated only with this account.

We designed layouts for targeted advertising. This allowed us to attract as many new audiences as possible through targeted ads.


  • Houses Rental Service "Arendadomik"

"Arendadomik" is a daily rental service for houses and cottages in Krasnoyarsk.