Dance Studio «QDance»

We designed the visuals of the stories with the account’s styling in mind, preserving the font and brand color of the studio. We conveyed as much atmosphere as possible with minimal text.

We created visuals of the stories, adhering to the account’s style, preserving the font and color of the studio’s brand. We depicted as much atmosphere as possible with minimal text.

We designed artistic stories that could be associated with this studio by the audience. We used accents in the text to attract attention.

We demonstrated the atmosphere of the training process. Using the branded font and color, we styled the posts.

We designed icons for Highlights considering all the queries that may arise from the audience. With these, one can easily find the necessary information and get acquainted with the dance directions.

We created a schedule design for the convenience of users. So any subscriber could easily find the desired direction, day of the week, and class time.

When creating the visual concept, it was important for us to show the corporate style of the studio and make a branded profile. We chose a certain font and color scheme in combination with the logo.

When launching the targeted ads, we created advertising layouts. We designed them minimally, showing the atmosphere of the classes, and in the text, we conveyed the main idea for effective advertising.

We also created interior banners for the studio, on which we indicated the main information about the directions.

We added QR codes to attract as many new audiences as possible through various offline marketing campaigns.

Additionally, to attract and increase customer loyalty, we developed promotional posters and gift certificates timed to specific events.


  • Dance Studio «QDance»

Located in Siberia/Krasnoyarsk, the studio offers dance instruction and sports practices for children and adults.