«Laser New Sochi» Salon

In developing the visual concept, we carried out photo and video shooting. It was important for us to showcase the apparatus used for laser hair removal, to explain its advantages compared to competitors in the city, and to detail the products used for cosmetology procedures.

In crafting the Instagram stories, we applied animated transitions, “old and new price” tactics, arrows, and accents on the main message. We used bright images to attract the audience’s attention, always adhering to a limited set of fonts and the brand’s colors to maintain a consistent aesthetic associated only with this salon.

For the salon, it was essential to address common questions that frequently arise in Direct Messages. We developed reminder notes to make it convenient for the audience to read recommendations before and after procedures. This not only facilitated the cosmetologist’s work but also made it convenient to send to clients in private messages.

We developed highlights to keep information readily accessible. The highlights were developed for all topics of interest that could arise in the salon. This also allows new audience members to learn more about the salon.

We designed effective advertising campaigns. This allowed us to attract as many new clients as possible and increase appointments through targeted promotions.

We created a new visual concept to surprise the audience. The emphasis was on encouraging women not to feel restrained or confined. As many women are shy about their problems that the salon can address, this was an important focus.

We developed a stylish price list while maintaining the salon’s aesthetics. We applied the branded font and color palette. It’s easy to find the required procedure and cost in the price list (lines were made for each item).

The visual concept was developed with accents placed on the topic of the post. We created a branded color for the salon in combination with the logo.


  • Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology Salon

The salon is located in the city of Sochi, Russia, offering laser hair removal and cosmetology services for both women and men.