«Aura Secret» Lingerie

Upon beginning the operation and promotion, we identified the target audience, developed a content plan, and conducted a content shoot. It was important for this lingerie and homewear account project to attract new customers.

When creating the visual concept, it was crucial to showcase the range of products and present the outfits in such a way that visitors would immediately want to come for a fitting.

While developing the Instagram highlights, we considered all nuances that might matter to the audience. We created unique icons that clearly reflect the brand’s style, attract attention, and make it clear what each one contains.

We crafted a branded, stylish, and appealing Stories style. We selected a color palette based on the branding and used a non-standard font to improve readability.

In managing the account, we always structured a narrative line to keep the audience’s attention and provide content that was both interesting and useful. We formed an individual and unique management style that distinguishes the account from all competitors in Sochi. We always used concise text to avoid overloading the Stories.

Considering the target audience, their desires and needs, we created attractive ad creatives. The goal was to scale the store’s recognizability and increase the demand for purchases in this shop.

We designed a layout for direct mail. It’s an excellent way to attract the attention of new and old customers, and we developed a loyalty system to boost demand for purchases.

We worked on the project for over a year, so we periodically changed the visual concept to attract our existing audience even more.

A designer QR code was created, allowing for instantaneous transition to the project’s Instagram, and it proved to be effective advertising for those not coming from social networks.


  • Lingerie store «Aura Secret»

One of our initial projects in Sochi was a store specializing in loungewear and lingerie. Nestled in the heart of a bustling shopping center with high foot traffic, this cozy store offers a wide range of styles and designs to cater to all preferences.