The bar «The Old Man»

Our team applied international experience to develop a unique strategy for promoting an Instagram account from China for an unusual and non-traditional cocktail bar. We created a creative concept reflecting the brand’s uniqueness and innovation, packaging its story and visual image into engaging content. This project became a vivid example of successful culture and strategy interaction, demonstrating our effective global work capabilities.

We designed a visual concept for Instagram posts, emphasizing the brand’s unique style and authenticity while creating attractive visual narratives. Each concept element was designed with the brand strategy in mind, intended to reinforce its reputation and influence on social networks.

In addition to the post visual concept, we designed Instagram Stories to maintain and enhance the brand’s unified style. All design elements, from color schemes to fonts, were carefully selected and aligned with the overall concept. This recognizable style in Stories strengthens the brand image, enhances audience engagement, and supports a cohesive and consistent visual brand narrative.

We developed visual concepts for Instagram Highlights, using the brand’s unique style to create aesthetically pleasing and bright icons that blend seamlessly into the overall visual line. These Highlights guide the user through different aspects of the brand, enhancing the overall impression of its story and identity, showcasing key moments and company achievements.

We created a design for carousel posts, combining the brand’s unified style with efforts to maximally engage and involve the audience. Each carousel slide is thoughtfully crafted, from visual content to copywriting, to tell a compelling story or present information in an easy-to-absorb format. This approach amplifies user engagement and fosters deeper interaction with the brand through multi-layered and dynamic visual messages.


  • The cocktail bar "The Old Man".

Our unique project in Hong Kong - "The Old Man" bar, located in the bustling bar district, where signature cocktails are served, each with an individual presentation and a distinctive taste.