Rent «Bereza Park»

In this project, we started from scratch to create an account and package it to attract applications and demand for house rentals.

We designed a logo using the brand’s color and font, selecting design elements associated with nature and ecology, as the house is located in a birch forest far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When creating the visuals, we sent references we compiled to a photographer. We distributed the content in a way that left free space, reflecting the territory of the house, people’s relaxation, and conveying the atmosphere of rest.

In the highlights, we used the brand’s color and elements, creating simple and understandable interface icons for the future guests of the house.

We developed unique graphic image elements for recognition and distinctiveness, to be out of competition with such a competent and professional approach in creating stories.

We originally designed the design of the stories for each day, while viewing the content will be remembered by the user and attract attention, increase engagement. We took into account functionality and convenience, created several categories on different topics.


  • Holiday Resort «Bereza Park»

A soulful retreat in a countryside cottage amidst birches and fresh air.