Choosing a website is actually much simpler than it seems. Everything depends on the functional purpose. That is, first you need to define the purpose of the site, and then its type, structure, and functions.

Landing Page​

A website consisting of just one page. It helps to quickly sell a product/service, attracting a large number of buyers.


Service: 35€/ per month
  • Quick Start
  • Landing page
  • Capture page
  • One-page website

Do you want to trade or offer services? If you have a clearly formed offer and information can be read on the fly, then a landing page is at your service.

Multi-Page Website

Up to 5 pages: company information, information about goods/services, contact information, promotions, news, etc.


Service: 65€/ per month
  • Budget-friendly
  • Necessary information
  • Full-fledged website
  • Video/Photo content

Is the site intended to inform your customers? Business card website/Corporate website is your choice. If desired, you can add a forum or a blog – these are useful tools for support and informing users.


It is possible to shape the vision of the organization, influence impressions about products and services, thereby promoting them.


Service: 95€/ per month
  • Services
  • Interaction of employees
  • Customer-oriented
  • Information

Do you want to trade or offer services? E-commerce store or catalog at your service. However, the catalog is much less convenient compared to a full-fledged online store, with the exception of certain types of business.

Internet Store

Product catalog with prices and the ability to place an order and pay for it online.


Service: 145€/ per month
  • Pay per click
  • Wide audience reach
  • Comparison/evaluation of goods
  • No strings attached

Website classification is somewhat conditional. As a rule, most internet resources have features of different types of sites. Competent combination of functionality, structure, and design of your online representation – that’s what’s really important.

Landing Page​
650€ Service: 35€/ per month
1 page
1 product/service
Specific goal
Clear strategy
Load speed
Multi-Page Website
1300€ Service: 65€/ per month
From 5+ pages
Simple structure
Main products/services
Diverse content
Active interaction
Informing clients
Internet Store
2700€ Service: 145€/ per month
From 10+ pages
Catalog of items/services
Full interaction
Informing clients
User registration
How to get there
Online payment