«Capoeira» Sports School

The main task was to convey the energy and uniqueness of the “Capoeira” art: Bright colors, a young audience, a modern and understandable font.

To not miss important information and keep usability, we created a taplink with a pleasant design and intuitive interface.

The “actuallies” are styled after athletes of this martial art, performing specific striking or acrobatic elements.

For the federation, we created an elegant yet sporty visual in which client information is delivered simply and clearly with aesthetics and taste.

A quick schedule (as we called it), an easy way to send customers information about workouts with an address and nice design.

The logo was designed taking into account all the modern rules of design, geometry, and the philosophy of a sports school.

We have created a stylish, trendy, and engaging banner-flyer that invites students to attend free classes. It also features a QR code that leads to an invitation group on the social network “VKontakte”.


  • Martial Arts Federation

The "Rock Capoeira" federation promotes Afro-Brazilian martial arts in Russia and strives to make training accessible to everyone.