Curtains «Evrika Home»

Elegance and style are the main guiding principles in the task of visualizing this project.

In Instagram for the company Evrika, an elegant and at the same time light visual was created, which includes advice and information on choosing and caring for curtains in home conditions.

When creating icons for our highlights, we focused on creating bright and attractive covers that fully reflect the brand and its spirit. As a result, our highlights became not only informative but also attractive, providing the user with pleasure from viewing.

Evrika’s creative visuals are an aesthetic symphony of decorative fabrics, immersing you in a world of comfort and harmony. Elements of elegance and warmth blend into a visual work of art that expresses the quality of Evrika’s products and their ability to give space a unique style.

Animated stories were created with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the aesthetics of home comfort. The soft dynamics of the fabric, skillfully drawn textures and subtle color transitions brought the curtains to life, transforming them from simple interior items into active participants in the home space.

Factory Visual: Evrika’s visuals bring the manufacturing environment to life with an emphasis on detail and quality. Curtains are shown from bobbins to the final product, and information on how to care for them is presented in the form of schematic drawings, illustrating principles of effective use and care.

Based on competitor analysis, we strategically organized three examples of visual feeds. By combining posts arranged in lines, columns, and a checkerboard pattern, we created visually appealing and consistent content.

Line construction provides a continuous stream of related content, guiding the viewer’s gaze and clearly conveying ideas. For instance, a line of posts may focus on a specific product line or the manufacturing process.

Column construction segregates different types of content. This allows separating product posts, live photos, and customer reviews, making the feed diverse and engaging.

A checkerboard pattern alternates post types, giving the feed an organized appearance. This is visually attractive and allows for a balanced presentation of content, which is effective for contrasting posts.


  • Shop/Manufacturer of curtains, tulle, and accessories

The Evrika-group company is all about curtains and home textiles to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in every home.

Live photos, care tips, and production photos add loyalty and trust to the audience.