The cost of our agency’s services depends on the number of connected traffic sources, as well as the list of additional works.

Call us, and we will give you a more accurate guidance on prices and timelines for promoting your business.

Promotion involves many nuances. We offer you a full range of services for creating and improving your account. Here you can choose a comprehensive approach – service promotion packages, if you need one-time services, pay attention to the drop-down menu below.

Comprehensive promotion

«Basics» Pack
1. Promotion strategy
2. Design and decoration
3. Corporate identity
4. Content plan
5. Stories: editing/design
6. Audience search.
7. Account management
«Development» Pack
Items 1-7 +
8. Audit of the account
9. Actual icons
10. Maintaining Reels
11. Account Health
12. ToS & ToR production
13. Maintaining Guides
14. Unique Hashtags
«Premium» Pack
Items 1-14 +
15. Content filming
16. Working with bloggers
17. Bot cleansing
18. Statistics in PDF
19. Exiting shadow ban
20. Additional design work
21. Live broadcasts

One-time services


Promotion Consultation
  • Detailed account analysis
  • Your profile review
  • Current trends analysis
  • Instagram feed review
  • Posts, hashtags, geolocations review
  • Recommendations for account styling
  • Proper composition of headlines
  • Promotion management recommendations
  • Identification of your business benefits
  • Marketing strategy recommendations
  • Content improvement recommendations
  • Understanding how Instagram works
  • Answers to your questions
  • Determining your advantages
  • Bonus: 10 topical themes for posts

  • Developing a name
  • Ensuring the brand corresponds to its attributes and values
  • Uniqueness in the category
  • Easy transliteration
  • Pleasant sounding

Competitors Analysis
  • Market and competition assessment
  • Forming pricing policy
  • Content efficiency analysis
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

Content Plan Development
  • Features and expectations of your target audience
  • Time optimization
  • Clear posting schedule (entertainment, selling, engaging, informational)
  • Setting correct priorities
  • Convenience in planning
  • Planning goals and tasks of the text
  • List of thematic publications (from 10 to 50 topics for publications)

Profile Header Optimization
  • Cost includes: 3 profile header options
  • Designing Instagram profile header, addressing client's pain points, including USP in the header for maximum conversion
  • Setting your correct positioning in the media space
  • Selection of keywords for the "name" line
  • Writing the "about yourself" section
  • Address

Creation of Thematic Rubric
  • Determining the type of content for the rubric
  • Developing the rubric based on the account theme and audience for stories or post
  • Creating an individual hashtag for the rubric

Development of Contests/Giveaways
  • Help in choosing a gift, corresponding to the account theme
  • Defining the format of the contest, terms and conditions and duration. Development of the giveaway conditions
  • Way of choosing the winner: main mechanics
  • Promotion of the contest in Instagram (separate payment)

Audience Engagement
  • Communication with subscribers in comments and Direct Messages.
  • Manual direct messaging about relevant information/promotions.
  • Handling objections.
  • Responses to negative comments.
Targeting Configuration
  • Finding target audience based on given parameters.
  • Development of promotional strategy.
  • Preparing promotional strategy and setting up advertising campaigns.
  • Evaluation and analysis of performance.
  • Reporting.
Monthly Account Analytics
  • Subscriber growth dynamics.
  • Growth and development indicators of the profile.
  • Determining optimal times for posts.
  • Engagement via likes and comments.
  • Analysis of tags and identification of the most effective ones.
  • Correlation between likes and post timing.
  • Analyzing followers by gender, countries, and cities.
  • Determining reach and interests of followers.
  • Number of received likes and comments.
Advertising with Bloggers
  • Determining type of collaboration.
  • Compiling a list of suitable bloggers.
  • Analysis of target audience and potential clients.
  • Creation of technical task and ad formation.
  • Choosing the format of ad presentation.
  • Control with statistical and analytical data collection.
Gamification of Content
  • Creating games for your profile to engage the audience.
  • Attracting attention to your brand.
  • Increasing audience loyalty.
  • User engagement.
Account Problem Resolution
  • Account unblocking.
  • Removing "I'm not a robot" captcha from account.
  • Disconnecting the account from another page.
  • Unlinking phone number from account.
  • "Help us confirm" issue resolution.
  • Other problem resolutions.


Development of a Visual Concept
  • Brand fonts and colors, selection of a color scheme, and main 'brand' colors.
  • Formative graphics: additional graphic elements and their combinations, which make the style more unique, spectacular, and communicative.
  • Brand photostyle, determining principles and rules for creating photographic images.
  • Special compositional techniques.

  • Development of a unique logo.
  • Creating a certain image of the company and everything associated with it.
  • Development of the company's corporate style and brand book.
  • Communicating a certain atmosphere, sensations, and aspirations through the brand.

  • Creation of a designer avatar in the style of your brand.
  • Development is based on an existing logo or photo.
  • It can carry the motto of the site or store.
  • Will attract the attention of visitors to your page.

Designing Highlights
  • Development of thematic icons for relevant Instagram stories.
  • Based on your color preferences.
  • We'll pick out cover names.
  • Forming correct associations with each type of Highlights.

Stories: Photos, Animation, Video.
  • Static stories in a unified design and style.
  • Animated stories with live effects and text.
  • Combined stories with animation, video, and text.
  • Series of compositions where one story transitions into another.
  • Stories designed specifically for targeting.

Writing posts
  • Short selling posts, life hacks, atmospheric posts, engaging, entertaining.
  • Detailed selling posts, expert, useful.
  • Brand legend, story about you.
  • Ad text for target.
  • Rewriting your text, checking, supplementing and correcting.
  • Monthly content plan from 15 posts.

Infinite Collage Feed
  • Instagram feed where posts transition into others in a certain theme.
  • We'll fill your feed with stylish and useful content.
  • For those planning to focus on Stories and need a visual basis to start.
  • We'll choose an elegant color scheme, where there won't be anything extra, your photos will be at the forefront.

Video Editing
  • Professional editing of videos up to 60 seconds long
  • We edit videos from your source materials
  • Stabilize the video (if possible), eliminate shaking and swaying
  • Color correction and improvements to the visual component of the video
  • Add various effects (acceleration, deceleration) and high-quality transitions
  • Add various animation elements

Advertising Creatives Design
  • Development of 1 advertising creative in 3 variants
  • Adaptation for stories/posts
  • Simplicity for the consumer - creative approach
  • Advertising creative design that will naturally blend into the feed

  • Development of an interesting thematic selection for your audience
  • Places with geolocations - we indicate the addresses of places on the map
  • Favorite products, create recommendations or wishlist
  • We structure publications, simplify access to series of related posts
  • We develop pleasing visuals with a general concept and idea

Live Broadcasts
  • Development of live broadcast themes
  • Live broadcast announcement - design
  • Choosing the ideal location
  • Conducting a live broadcast with special equipment: camera, tripod, microphone, lighting, etc.
  • Fluent oral speech
  • Discussing topics with subscribers
  • Live broadcast with partners
  • Summarizing contests
  • Recording the broadcast

  • Reels Covers and Content
    • Script for shooting Reels videos
    • Focus on usefulness and entertainment
    • Virality - creative approach
    • Montage of content by blocks: preview, introduction, main part, conclusion
    • Cover design that will harmoniously blend into the feed

    Personal website on taplink
    • Modern link in the profile header
    • Lightweight business card site for mobile phone
    • Simple interface consisting of swipes (even a child can handle it)
    • Quick access to important information
    • Premium design - looks high-quality
    • Links to social networks without restrictions

    Account Audit in PDF Presentation
    • Impressive presentation of the pros and cons of your account
    • Principles of clarity that improve information perception
    • Tips and methods for promotion
    • Examples of naming and profile header
    • Approximate visual of the feed: 9 posts
    • Expert conclusion